We have designed some tools to help you get started. Just print out the three linked pages and you will have a plan that will help us put together the web site you have been looking for.

Questions Page:

    Answer these few questions before we work on your pages. The questions are simple and will help you clarify why you want a web site, who you want to reach, and what you want to say.

Preferences Page

    Here is where you can decide on colors, shapes, and ideas. Think about the theme of you site and how you want it to look. Look at other web sites and even print them out if you can.  Web sites that you like, of course.  You will start to get a very complete picture in your mind of your you want your site to look.

Draft Page:

    Pick up your pencil (yes that wooden thing you havenít used for so long) and have some fun. Print out this page and start to actually work on a web page.  Think about where you would like things to be.  Arrange and re-arrange and use you imagination.  Use ideas from other sites or even magazine ads.  Be creative.  When you are done, FAX the ones you like best to us and we can work up your web site with many of your ideas in mind.

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