Either fill out the forms below, print out this page, complete, and send it to us or cut and paste this page into an e-mail and e-mail us the answers and additional ideas these questions may create.  These questions are just a start. Add you own.

Do you like?

    • Dark or Light background?

    • What colors do you want to use?

    • Favorite button shape? (square, rectangle, oval, etc)

    • Do you have a theme that you want to use?

    • Would you like us to help you decide on one? Yes  No
    • If so, what hobbies, or interests would you like us to concentrate on:

    • Do you like large pictures or small:

    • How about the type of writing:
      Do you have a signature font that you would like to use for the titles?:

    • Anything else you can think of not on this list:


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