Here are a few questions that will help you decide what you want in a web site . . . and what you donít.

Just print out this page, fill it out, and send to us. Or cut and paste it into an e-mail and e-mail us your answers.


Kennel or Company or Family Name:

Street or P.O. Box:

State:Zip or Postal Code:
Type of web site:
Who do you want to reach:

What type of things do you want to say:

Approx. number of pages you want:
Of the items listed above, which is the most important:
Which is the second most important:

Do you have a signature photo:Yes  No
A logo:Yes  No
How soon do you want this site done:
Do you have free web space through you Internet Service Provider:Yes  No  Don't Know
Do you currently have a web page?Yes  No
Web page address (URL):
Do you want to use that space, a free web hosting service or through us for a small monthly fee? Server Space  Free Us

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